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Ashish Kapoor

Software Consultant
Ex. Rill Data, Quid Inc

I am a tech enthusiast with a focus on developing and maintaining software. I am committed to delivering reliable solutions with a customer-first approach. In my free time, I am an open-source contributor and a YouTuber, where I share my knowledge and passion for technology.

I specialize in TypeScript, REST, Web Performance, and Mobile Applications, and I love making complex computer science concepts accessible to anyone interested in technology through my YouTube videos.

I have been a full-time software engineer since 2014, and I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible startups ranging from pre-seed to Series A. This has been an amazing learning experience for me, both in terms of technology and business. Since 2022, I have been focusing more on back-end development, site reliability, and system architecture to step out of my coding comfort zone.

During my free time, I challenge myself to be more creative and improve my technical skills by writing in-depth product requirement documents to enhance existing technologies/products.