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My window management on Mac OS


So, I have been playing Fortnite a lot with my friends from time to time. One great thing I noticed in the game was the ability to switch weapons using the numbers on the keyboard right above the `w` `a` `s` `d` keys.

It becomes super simple to switch between weapons while playing the game instead of switching with the mouse wheel option which is linear in nature and eventually leads to a confused state.

So I took inspiration from i3 Windows management from our friends in Linux and at my work laptop which is on Mac OS.

I installed Amethyst (sounds like Aim Assist to me lol) to bring all the windows on a desktop in an order (tall, column, wide, etc).

Then I made use of Mission Control given to us by the lords of Apple themselves. Went into the keyboard settings and hooked these shortcuts up for easy switching. While disabling the recently used App switching mechanism by Apple to take manual control altogether.

Then I started assigning the app windows to certain Desktop numbers using the following settings -> “This Desktop”:

Awesome! No more alt + tab fiddling experience.

I press ctrl + 1, I always get my VS Code editor.

I press ctrl + 2, it always gives me my terminal.

I press ctrl + 3, it always gives me the browser of my choice.

So on and so forth, I hope you get the point.

Full disclosure here are my current Desktops

  1. Code Editors
  2. Terminals
  3. Browsers
  4. Communication Apps
  5. Music streaming services
  6. Settings, Configs
  7. Books, Notes
  8. Discord
  9. Movies, Media

Thanks for reading, cheers!