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Restructuring and Layoffs (Adversity is the way!)


Restructuring and Layoffs (Adversity is the way!)

[Disclaimer] I’m not an expert. However, I’ve revived through this cycle once. Maybe you should open up and talk about it with your close ones first.

Being handed over a pink slip is tough! Losing a job is NOT an end to anything. It’s not under your control to have a stable journey through an economy meltdown.

Some of you might end up on a clock with your visas, bills, or up-coming expenses.

Okay, maybe have your favourite drink to calm yourself down. First night you might go sleepless. It’s all normal to over-think and be confused. Focus on what you have to offer as value and how to fix the “situation” that you’re in.

Let’s look at the positives

There are always companies out there ready to consume people of your skill set. Since your ex-employer needed you at one point of time too!

Also, there’s nothing wrong in opening up about your situation with your potential employer. Their empathetic reaction to it will give you a nice understanding of their company culture and people. Makes it easy to pick the right employer for yourself.

Plus, probability of landing a better job of interest is high!


Maybe it's a much needed break from the "rat race". Time to re-evaluate your goals and aspirations. Maybe, if you’ve got enough savings in the bank, start your own venture you always dreamt of.

All the best!