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Change log:

  • Temptation of having a workstation of my own is dying. (side-effects of minimalism I guess). Given two of my full HD monitor screens to family members kept one for the sake of it. Probably get a 4K monitor display by the end of this year.
  • Moved completely from Chrome to Firefox Developer Edition. (installed react and redux dev tools and I’m happy with it).
  • Putting Siri at work even more than ever before, wish the new “read today’s news” thingy was available in India. Still confused about AirPods meh!
  • Not sure but my next phone will be an android with dash charge feature if Apple doesn’t provide it in iPhones by the end of this year. Also, OnePlus 5T is super compatible with my MacBook Pro 2017. #BadApple
  • Still love using notepad and pen for slowing down(get clarity) my thought process. Using Todoist for work, nice one I must admit specially their shortcut keys. Totally worth going premium with this one.

  • Started meditating with Calm (deleted), _HeadSpace(_deleted) and finally settled with Oak App.

  • Got bored of home gym exercises. Found nice resource for understanding Yoga. Read first part of Inner Engineering. Feels luxurious tbh.

Thanks for reading. :)