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Migration lessons from corporate to start-up


Corporates and semi corporates

  1. Seek balanced empathy in the upper management
  2. Billable time; spend your time wisely
  3. Self-learning is the key to grow
  4. Good colleague/people do exist
  5. Learn and ask from masters within reach
  6. Work is forever, don’t stress it too much


  1. Your network is your net worth
  2. Where there’s pain, there’s passion
  3. Comfort zone is a b!tchhh!
  4. Right when you think you know it all (smoke and mirrors)
  5. Expect many back to square ones
  6. Don’t leave unless you’re sure, don’t go back if you’ve left already
  7. Add value, not solutions
  8. Spend money when it’s reasonable enough
  9. Invest in upskilling
  10. Give back