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Mosquitoes vs. MacBook Pro’s 🔋


It’s a story about how I practically understood computer networks and put it for use to scratch my own itch.

Lately, I had my eyes on my spare PC from quite some time where I just wanted to put it for some good use. Also, my issue in these unprecedented times were mosquitoes arriving in the evening randomly and causing a ruckus while I was working.

Big O (n²):

  • I was buying a lot of mosquitoes repellent sprays and gels.
  • Also, installed Fedora OS on my PC because I heard on one of Sir Linus Torvalds youtube videos that he finds it easy to use and maintain.

Here, just when I thought I resolved both my problems.

Big O (nlogn):

Time to think differently, I thought I could use my Fedora OS machine professionally instead of my MacBook pro. Currently, I’m working with Apache software tools Java backend server and Reactjs mostly from my parent’s living room.

Then I realized I’ll have to make use of my iPad for the video calls since my PC doesn’t have a camera and frankly, I was finding myself trying to bring the Gnome UI closer to macOS which is currently offered by Elementary OS.

But then what next?

Big O (n):

My brother Nitin stepped in. He heard what I was up to lately and suggested I drop the UI entirely from my Fedora OS machine use it as a server and notice the CPU usage.

“Use your spare machine over OpenSSH and let it do the heavy stuff.” – Nitin

I was quickly able to connect the dots. Then I moved back on my MacBook Pro and got all my repositories on my machine “Anton”. Made it run all my docker containers, Apache software tools, and the backend API my front end was consuming data from. Soon, after my brother introduced me to SSH extension on VSCode by Microsoft and that’s when I delegated all the heavy tasks on my Anton.

Guess what? My MacBook's fan's speed is low and back to normal. Now, macOS is my interface and the fedora OS server is my dev server doing all the heavy lifting.

Coming back to my other initial issue with mosquitoes. Now I get a much better battery life on my MacBook pro so I finally got my “portability” feature back and I can spray the mosquitoes repellent in only my room and when the deadlines get close can work from there too.

Mosquitoes: 0, Anton**: 1 **